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If you are planning an event in the Bristol area that requires some seriously good music, then hiring a sound or audio engineer is a perfectly sensible move to make sure that the event is setup correctly. From a large wedding through to a festival or music event for thousands of people, making sure that the performers can be heard and sound amazing is vital, else you could end up having a lot of unhappy people and a lot of unhappy artists as well.


So, here are our key reasons why hiring a sound or audio engineer in Bristol really does make perfect sense for your next event.



Quality Advice


This is absolutely crucial to making sure the event sounds amazing, if you do not get the basics right and understand the overall aims and requirements of the event and client, it could end up sounding at best poor, at worst, awful! From the moment you book the event through to the moment the curtains rise or the gates open, the advice you get from a professional sound engineer really can make the difference between a good event and a great event.

What can you expect  when hiring a Sound Engineer

Getting the right equipment is so important for your event, which is where a sound engineer will really shine in terms of knowledge and expertise, having often run many events previously across many different aspects.



For Event Organisers:


Before you are given a quotation a good Sound Engineer will need to ask lots of questions about your event regarding the type of event you are organising the venue size and how many people will be in attendance in order to judge the type of PA System that is best suited to your need’s. The final decision on how much you spend for a PA is down to you but you might be advised that the sound won’t be the best it can be unless you choose a more expensive option.


Scheduling can be done after a quotation but your Sound Engineer will need to know when bands will be playing and when they will finish as time might be needed to set up another bands equipment especially if they have a complicated set up sound checking can be done before the Event begins and is necessary, to avoid technical problems


For Performers:


In order to provide the right equipment for your event your sound engineer will need to know How many Instrument or audio sources will be used for each performance It is likely you as an Event organiser won’t know this so your sound engineer will probably need to speak to the bands you have booked

Your sound engineer will need to ask the bands whether the guitar amps will need to go through the PA, sometime because less instruments going through the PA could save you money, but also because if the venue is small then the guitar amplifiers themselves may be perfectly capable of filling the room with sound.

Your sound engineer will need to ask performers How many instrument require specialist cables or DI Boxes which eliminates electrical interference for certain instruments essential for making the sound clear.  


The Right Result


Sound engineers provide a service, making sure that whether you are a wedding planner or organising huge music festivals, you get the right advice before the event and on the day to ensure everything goes smoothly and you get a great sound from the performers you have booked. Making sure that the people that have paid a lot of money to attend the festival, or the family of the lucky couple getting married have a great time is of massive importance, which is where great sound really can make a great event.