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Finally there is a blog for AFO Audio Hire here we will post information on New Products Services and offer advice on What  might the best options equipment wise for your events based on your specific circumstances and things to consider when organising events which are important from a technically perspective to keep your event running smoothly.

By Edward Murray , Feb 22 2016 04:34PM

Whether you are organising a huge 60th birthday party, a sweet 16, bat mitzvah or a wedding reception, there is one thing that shapes the atmosphere - music. Music shapes the way we experience different events and can make the difference between an amazing, memorable event, and a pretty dismal one, despite everyone's best intentions. And it can't just be any music either, it should be high quality music that sets the right tone. The right music has to be discussed, considered and put together to create the ultimate soundtrack for the event.

The music has to match the mood of the people at the event and also the type of event as well, and there should be alternative playlists available to accommodate any shift in mood. With that in mind, you might think it seems easy enough to do the music yourself, and completely get it right. Unfortunately, that is unlikely to be what happens.

There are lots of reasons a DJ is the best choice for your big event in Bristol, here are just a few of those reasons:

Music Matches The Occasion

Unfortunately, most of us have been at occasions where family members operating the music have misread the situation and played something truly irrelevant (and at times offensive). IE some upbeat pop song at a wake that has no ties whatsoever to the person who has passed away. A qualified person will do their research and ensure the playlist is completely relevant to your individual event. They will ask you lots of questions and use their experience to ensure they have the right music to match your event.

Finger On The Pulse

As much as most of us like to believe we are completely on top of today's charts, usually we aren't, and at the very least our musical taste will have an influence on what we would select to play. We might also struggle to recall certain songs from the past to suit older people at the party. A good DJ will be aware of all the latest songs, and all the top songs from different eras, so they are able to play music relevant to the entire crowd.

Technical Knowledge & Equipment

Unless you are yourself a professional DJ, you simply won't have the same equipment and technical knowledge a professional DJ has. They know all about the software and equipment needed to fill any space with relay music to a professional level.


A great DJ understands that your memories of the event will involve the music played, especially along with special moments like cutting the cake, the first dance and the groom and bride entering the reception for the first time. A DJ with experience will know to ensure all of those moments are captured with the right song, at the right time and volume, as you want to remember your big day for the right reasons, not for some awful or incorrect music track.

Enjoying The Party

If you're sorting the music out, you're not enjoying the party! You are the host and you deserve to socialise with your guests and have a boogie yourself! Having a DJ allows you to do that.

Organising The Party Is Stressful

Organising a party is stressful enough without having to take the time out to organise buying or renting PA equipment, getting it to the venue, setting it up, using it, having someone watch over it as you tend to other things - the list is endless. Why not hire a DJ who will liaise with you when it is best for you, and reliably turn up, set up and perform when agreed - no fuss at all. It might cost you more than doing it yourself when it comes to money, but what about the time and effort involved? The other aspects of the party that might be neglected?

Hiring A DJ For Your Big Event In Bristol Is The Right Choice

Save yourself time, stress and a potentially rubbish party atmosphere by investing in a DJ for your big event in Bristol. When you're dancing away having the time of your life, and all your guests are as well, you'll be sure you made the right choice.



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