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An AFO Audio engineer or DJ will arrive at the venue on the day of your event before it begins minimum to set up the equipment that you have hired from us, the equipment will be tested and a sound check will be carried out on the sound source  e.g the band A Schedule will be discussed with the event organisers to determine who will perform at what time or what songs you want your AFO DJ to play.

Delivering great service at low prices.


AFO Audio will carefully consider your choices of music and preferences on lighting and visuals and we can also plan a schedule to play certain favorites or style which would be great for a wedding for dances with the bride but can also apply to birthdays and other events too.

DJ Services

PA Hire - Live Music & Sound Engineering

PA Hire is also Available for Confrences and exibits or any event which has one or a number of topical speakers you could be doing a talk or presentation on the health benefits of a Product or service or conducting an awards ceremony.


AFO Audio can discuss your preferences for Guest speaker to visual aids and scheduling for how you need them to run to make your event a success.

Conferences Presentations & Exibitions

Ed Murray at Zion

Want Service Only?

AFO Audio Package include free service and you pay for equipment only,

if you want DJ Services or sound engineering services because you already have equipment, get in touch for a quote

We offer free Delivery and set up services on all packages within the Bristol area, delivery prices will vary for locations further afield or when hiring dry hire equipment.

Delivery & Set up



Prices  in   Bristol

AFO Audio asks you to spend 15-20 minutes before and after hiring equipment to make sure that you are satisfied that the equipment is functional and to ensure that you can find ways to solve problems with poor signal which could be interpreted as damage.


Testing is epecially important ifor customers that do not know how to use the equipment properly, it is easy to assume that setting up equipment is the same as operating it or that because you have used the equipment before that it won't be any different with the equipment you hire.


It is mandatory to test all equipment hired as we cannot accept responsibility for customers misuse of equipment including lack of understanding when using equipment, which may or may not lead to damage of the equipment.

We believe service is just as is important as sound which is why we strive to make sure every clients needs are catered for, from providing equipment to understanding how the client wants to arrange their event.





Pre-Hire and Post Hire Testing


Its Important to make sure you hire equipment that works properly...