To make your life easier in deciding what equipment you need,on this page you can find set packages which shows you what equipment you might need for for different types of events.if you want to hire one of these packages just  quote the package code (e.g CP1) on our contact form stating the details and requirements your event and we will contact you to help you with your query,




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Confrence Package 1

This Package is for individuals who want to organise, Press/ Business Confrences or Seminar events. where only one persons voice needs to be heard for the purposes of adressing an audience.



In addition to Conference package 2 This Package includes a  Projector for Visual multimedia presentations.

This package is is for a soloist duets or Vocals  in a venue between 50-150 capcity that only need the PA for  Vocals

Click Image for specifications


This Package. is for bands that need more intruments to be  miced up like the Live Package 1 this has monitors so musician can hear themselves whilst performing but also has  a 14 channel mixer with Reverb effects for instruments  - this can exceed a capacity of 150 people to a limit of 200 people - Click Image for specifications

Confrence Package 2 projector Confrence Package 2

This package has has an extra microphone for the main speaker, this enables the speaker to move their head and connect with their audience without reducing the microphone pickup signal, plus a monitor to help speakers feel more confident when speaking to audiences



This Package can Cater for Many instruments and Sound Sources to go through a PA System complete with with Lighting and Visual Projections subwoofers are included with this package with a 24 channel mixer a good choice for a festival marque stage - Click Image for specifications.

Projector Panasonic PT-LM1E Chauvet 6 spot Disco Package 3
Chauvet 6 spot Projector Panasonic PT-LM1E Disco Package 1



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Projector Panasonic PT-LM1E Chauvet 6 spot

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Live Package 2 2014 Pioneer 750 Pioneer 750 DJp2-Sub
Chauvet 6 spot