How Does PA Hire Work For A Business Event?

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When you hire a PA system for an Informal event, the process is clear ­ you research, pick the best one, and then if you have chosen the right one, they turn up on the day and do an amazing job. However, when it comes to hiring a PA company for a business event, the process is slightly different.

First and foremost...


What Does a PA Company Do?


You can expect a PA hire company to stock a complete range of PA equipment including; lighting, sound, video, AV and more. They will hire the equipment daily or weekly at competitive rates. So whether you have a small meeting for a few people and need projection equipment, or you're putting on a large conference which needs full lighting, staging and sound, they can help provide the equipment and support enabling you to get the best value for your budget.


Most companies will offer a range of packages which range from you picking up equipment and setting it up yourself, to them delivering the equipment and setting it up, to them completely dealing with the technical side of the event.


The Process - The general process of hiring a PA company for a business event will usually look like this ­ Research ­ You research the different companies you are interested in, and create a list.

Contact ­ You contact the companies you are interested in, and based on the questions you ask and the answers you get, you make a shortlist.


Meeting ­ You may require a meeting with those on your shortlist because you want to see the equipment, because you want to talk in further detail about the venue, or you may want to invite the company to give you a quote based on the venue size and services needed.


Booking ­ You book the company for the services you want and / or need which may simply be hiring a PA system, or it may be full technical support.


Event ­ You pick up the equipment for your event, or the company deliver and set the equipment up, or they arrive at your event and deal with the entire technical setup.


The main difference between PA hire for a business event and PA hire for a wedding or other event, is the fact that what is needed can often be much more complex and wide ranging. The services needed may also be a lot more complex and rounded including lighting and other effects.


Different Equipment PA Companies Hire a wide range of equipment including:


●  Outdoor PA

●  Projector Screen

●  Audio Mixers

●  Microphones

●  Event Lighting

●  Projectors

●  Audio Equipment

●  PA Sound System

●  Cable Hire


The company may only hire a few types of equipment or packages, or they may hire everything you can think of ­ it depends on the company. You just need to know they have what you need, and then consider what it is they offer in terms of setup packages. It is a really good idea to consider the pro's and con's of just hiring the equipment and hiring an entire setup and management programme.


Just hiring the equipment might work for you if:



●  The event is very small

●  You have enough technical experience to setup the equipment

●  You have the time to setup and operate the equipment


Hiring the equipment and paying for the company to set up the equipment might work for you if:


●  You don't have the time to set up the equipment on the day

●  You don't have the expertise to set up the equipment on the day

●  You won't be able to get to the venue when the equipment needs setting up

●  Your business event is relatively simple but it is more convenient to have the equipment set up for you.


Hiring the equipment and paying for a complete hire, setup and management package might work for you if:


●  The event requires complex technical equipment and effects including staging, lighting, sound and special effects

●  The event is extremely important and if the technical side went wrong, there would be huge repercussions

●  You have no time or energy to deal with the technical side of the event yourself

●  You want to splash out on a more elaborate technical setup


Remember to do your research and take your time choosing the right company. The right PA company can be the difference between a successful and unsuccessful business event.

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