Choosing a PA company in Bristol can be a really difficult task. There are so many good, indifferent and bad ones to choose from, but who is right for the job? Who will provide you with excellent customer service, competitive prices and fantastic equipment? How can you tell if they will set up the equipment correctly? Turn up on time? Create the right mood? Fulfil your practical requirements?

There are so many questions, but don't worry that's a great start. You're right not to be choosing the first company you find online or in the local directory, because doing that could mean you miss out on the best one.

You should be asking questions, lots of them. Here are just a few tips to help you get started with finding the right PA hire Bristol company.


Ask Them - Is Your Equipment High Quality? Is it well looked after?


It may sound like an obvious question, but if you don't ask, you won't get the chance to hear questionable answers that may affect your choice. You should be looking for PA equipment that is fairly up to date, compatible with the equipment you may be using with it, and that is trustworthy.

Testing is an important way for a PA company to ensure that equipment is looked after properly If a Pa Hire company does not test it’s equipment with you before you hire it. There is nothing wrong with asking questions to make sure that the equipment won't let you down right in the middle of your event. You shouldn't be afraid to check that the equipment looks OK, And don't be afraid to ask how clear the audio is. Whether or not you are familiar with audio equipment hearing the sound of the equipment with audio passing through it can give you an idea of its quality and performance.


Ask Yourself - Are They Good Value For Money?


If you have never hired a PA company before, you have every reason to believe that the first one you get a quote from is reasonable. You have nothing to compare the amount to. However, it is important to make comparisons to other similar companies to ensure you're not paying through the nose for the same quality you could get elsewhere. Take into consideration the service as a whole, not just one aspect of it. So one company could offer just PA hire with set up for the same price as another company who offers PA hire, setup, more modern equipment, better customer service and some extras thrown in. There's nothing wrong with wanting a competitive price.


Ask Yourself - Can They Give Me What I Need?


The company can give you quotes, information, references - anything you ask for, but they cannot know what you need if you don't. Try to be clear on what you think you need before you contact the company. A good company will ask you all the relevant questions and leave you feeling like your exact needs have been tended to. A bad company can make you feel a little stupid for not knowing certain things, try to push things on you that you do not want or need, and possibly even talk 'jargon' to confuse you. Be as clear as possible on what you need before contacting them, and when you have the information ignore any sales speak or glorified extras and think about whether or not they can provide exactly what you need.


Research, Research, Research


Remember, you will only be able to choose the right PA company if you have a good selection to choose from. Ask friends and family, look online, search forums and social media, and even consider asking at successful events, who did their PA system. The more you know, the more informed you will be and that can only help you choose the right PA hire company in Bristol.

How to choose the right PA Hire company?

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