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Plug n Play offer



Plug n Play

Just £95 a pair

If you're planning a Party but want to save cash Just hire acouple  a couple of speakers and plug in your Ipod or Iphone directly  in to the speakers

Bookings and Payment


1) All Customers booking packages with delivery will need to pay half the cost of their package price in advance dry hire delivery will be an extra fee of £60, collected or returned equipment by the customer requires a refundable deposit of £30 along with their quoted hire fee.


2) Payments will need to be made via or bank transfer the same date that any service and / or equipment hired is booked.


3) Any verbal or written agreements made with a customer regarding bookings by AFO Audio without a secured payment and deposit, will be considered an enquiry and will not lead to a booking until a payment is made.


4) Representatives of a 3rd Party must be enabled by the 3rd party to book & pay for hired equipment in the

representatives name as the customer therefore holding sole liability of equipment hired.

Cancellations & Late Equipment Return


5) There will be a £60 charge for any bookings cancelled prior to and on the date of hire, if any equipment hired is returned late this charge will be deducted from your deposit the return date is to be agreed upon hire, there will also be a £5 charge for every hour the equipment is in the customers possession after the agreed hire period ends. If the customer has traffic problem on return of equipment they must contact AFO Audio as soon as possible Clauses 11 & 12 may take effect if equipment is returned later than three hours after the hire period ends, unless otherwise agreed in writing.





6) Any customers who are under 18 years of age that want to book equipment and /or service will need a legal parent or guardian to do so on their behalf, Customers who want to book equipment only will be required to provide AFO Audio with a valid driving Licence or Passport and 2 utility bills no older than 6 months this identification details will be retained until the equipment is returned after the agreed hire period with the exception of circumstances mentioned in Clause 11 & 12.

Equipment Testing

7) All hired Equipment will be tested with the customer on the hire date before released on hire to the customer to ensure it is functional and will also be tested on its return before returning the customer deposit.


8) Any questions regarding possible problems that might occur when operating equipment will be discussed with the customer in terms of how those problems can be resolved


9) Customers will be asked to confirm that he or she has been shown how to use the equipment properly and safely by AFO Audio and have no questions relating to the equipment’s control’s or how it should/ shouldn’t be used in practice.



10) AFO Audio is not liable for any inconvenience arising as a result of misinterpretation of cost of hire or what is included in your booking in terms of equipment or service.


11) The Customer shall not sell, dispose or hand responsibility of any equipment hired


11.1) Where third parties are required to sign for or collect equipment, the customer is soley responsible for the equipment whether with the equipment  or not and the Third

party person or persons with need to provide ID and their names will need to be given before any exchange of equipment


12) The customer agrees that, should the customer, or any persons that the customer is responsible for, who wish to assist in any way in regards to services provided or equipment hired, will assist on the basis that they are capable and instruction only, should they have assisted without permission and any hired equipment is damaged or stolen, the customer shall be liable for any fee’s incurred.


13) The Customer Agrees to pay the full cost of any Equipment, Lost, Damaged, Sold, or Stolen by the customer or anyone directly or indirectly associated with the customer.


13.1 During hire periods where equipment will be outdoors the equipment must be covered no matter the weather, the minumum required criteria will be a marquee designed to protect electrial

equipment the company or marquee design will need to be shared with AFO Audio to be approved.


14) Identification presented to AFO Audio on the date of hire will be kept until a full payment is made for any equipment not returned in good working condition.


15) In the event that any equipment on hire is returned damaged the customer agrees to pay the full value of any damaged equipment at a set rate per month agreed with AFO Audio.




16) AFO will provide  transportation and delivery service for customers who book packages only, In the event that AFO Audio has transportation issues regarding vehicles and the customer wishes to personally arrange alternative transport of any equipment the customer will agree to take full responsibility of the equipment in relation to Clause 11 & 12 during loading, unloading and whist in transit.


17) If alternative transport is arranged the customer will arrange and be responsible for the actions of any persons delegated to lift any equipment hired.



18) By signing the customer booking form the customer can confirm that all terms are fully understood, will agree to abide by all terms mentioned and comply with any implicating consequences that should occur during the hire period.

AFO Audio: Terms & Conditions



Late Fees



Consiquences of Failing to Return Equipment on Time


19) If equipment is returned late (After the end of the agreed hire period) AFO Audio Has the right to retain  customer deposits and to charge customers for every day that the customer has AFO Audio Equipment In their Posession.


20) Third Party Liability -  If a customer hires equipment Hires Equipment from AFO Audio for a Third party to use or take responsibility of the Customer must make it clear that they are responisible for the equipment so that no mistakes are made, If the Customer fails to return the equipment due to an error caused by a Third party they will be subjected to pay fee's described in Clause 19)


Consiquences of Returning Damaged Equipment.

21)All Equipment is Tested before and after Customers hire equipment from AFO Audio to check the equipment is in working order if a Customer returns equipment Damaged to AFO Audio the equipment may require further testing and the Customer will be liabile to pay any fee's for expert testing, repair, and replacement parts.


22) If Damage of equipment is so severe that it has to be replaced the Customer is Liable to pay the full fee for replaicing the equipment.


Theft of AFO Audio Equipment


23) - AFO Audio has the right to press charges against Customers who commit an Act of Theft


24) - When Customer fail to return equipment on time, Customers will be sent a letter via recorded delivery  after a week from the end of the agreed hire period, the letter will explain any additional  charges mentioned in clauses 19) and 20)  and it  will be explained to you that  If after 30 days you do not return the equipment and pay any Late fee's after 30 days, The Late return will be considered Theft and at that point AFO Audio will take Legal Action.







    • All Packages include free delivery for 25 miles outside of Bristol £1.15 per mile thereafter.

     • Items for each package cannot be substituted for other items not included in the package.

  • Services from a Technician are free and mandatory with these packages in order to free customers of some liability for the equipment’s welfare in the case of DJ packages the technician is dubbed DJ and can operate as a DJ and / or technician at your preference    .

     • DJ or Sound Services are available at £250 per day.

     • Package’s will not work in conjunction with any other package or offer any item not included in a package or deal must be hired separately

     • AFO Audio have the right to alter these terms when necessary.

  • Packages will be priced as advertised for 5 hours, after 5 hours for every hour thereafter there will be a £40 charge


These items are the maximum items available for each package, which determine

what each package includes.


Corporate packages:


• Standard free delivery and set up to the Bristol area for 25 miles

• X2 Microphones

• X2 Stands

• X1 Monitor

• X1 Projector and Screen

• Basic Sound craft Mixer


Live Packages:


• Free Technician

• 5 + Microphones, DI Boxes, and Stands, when 5 instruments or

             more need sound reinforcement

• If two monitors are required

• If projection equipment is booked

• Subwoofers are booked on to


DJ Packages:


• Free DJ(optional)

• DJ equipment

• Technics 1210 MK2

• CDJ Pioneer 350

• Lighting is required with PA Speakers and a Monitor

• Subwoofers.





Loyalty Discounts




-The Loyalty offer is for customers  who regularly need equipment, in particular



-Event Organisers : Entertainment/Corporate


Conditions of the terms can be  based upon their needs and a Discounted Price can be agreed

-Customers will be offered a Loyalty Dioscount once they book at more than once in 3 consecutive months.


This Loyaly discount does not apply to Packages or Deposits



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