AFO Audio Fundraiser Gig  August 10th 2018

- In Aid of The Epilepsy Society

AFO Audio Held a Charity Live Music  Fundraiser event on August 10th in Aid of the Epilepsy Society,


Three Acoustic acts Played Which played a mix of old and new cover as well as originals each having a different style unique to them and two bands from contrasting genres that were as equally energetic to one another but felt completely different.


A Special Thank you to The People that helped Make The Epilepsy Live Music Fundraiser At The White Hart Yesterday,Possible -You Helped raise over £300 in Donations  We’ll Done and Thank you


It’s not easy to know how many attended The Amount we have would make it 60 people if everybody paid the suggested £5 Donation fee but more than likely it was between 40-50 people and there were a few generous people that paid much more, which we can be grateful for.There was a mix of people attending, who were invited via social media as well as people the pub locals There were also people attending from the Bristol Epilepsy Support Group,




















The Pub had karaoke in the main part of the Pub which was a double edged sword because people could plan to go to that event and then stay for the fundraiser entertainment, or go between the two.but we had to agree to keep the door closed to the function room we hired


There was a businessman at the Pub who was a regular there who said that in London the Jazz Act Ellie Moonshine and the Prohibition Band could charge over almost £100 and it would be considered a fair price, so it was a blessing to have them play for free.      


AFO Audio did the sound for a fundraiser back in July offering free PA Hire in return for some assistance with their event for the Good night out cause which is a charity that raises awareness in music venues with regards to sexual harassment in the form of unwanted advances of any kind.


















In comparison to the performance of the PA equipment and quality of the sound for each gig The Epilepsy Society had less feedback  and was more less had a vocal PA only, I was led to believe that they needed more than they actually did,  However, at both events the performances were excellent in different ways only the Good night out   fundraiser had more feedback, because the performers were pushing their Amps to the max.


The Mackie Subwoofer 1801 at the good night out event which has never been tried in a Live music environment and it really brought out the depth of the Bass in the mix which suited the punky music perfectly.

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