X4 Aluminium Speaker Stands


Equipment hire

Sound Engineering &

DJ Services

X1 AKG D112


X2 Small Microphone Stands

X5 Tall Microphone Stands

X2 SRM 1801 - Mackie Powered

Subwoofer - 400w/57hz-20khz

Crossover built in.

X3 Shure SM58

Th12A Thump Mackie Top

X4 TH -12A Thump Mackie Powered  

PA Speakers - 500w/57hz-20khz

Monitor Mackie-SRM1801-283x300 Shuresm58

X2 Shure SM57

Speakers & Live Sound

Pioneer DJ Mixer




P1000876 P1000879 tall stand short stand

Microphone Clips

Cables & Accessories



X1, 24 XLR-Input Stagebox,

4 XLR Monitor outputs

15 metres

XLR to Jack cable

X2, 6-Metre XLR Cables

X2, 3-Metre XLR-Stereo Jack Cable


X3 Active Direct Injection Boxes

X8, 15 –Metre XLR Cable

DI Box Aliminium Speaker Stands xlrtoxlr2 Mic Clips

DJ Equipment


1210 MK2

Pioneer CD/MP3 Turntable



Lighting & Visual

JNR - Fascination

The JNR Fascination has Rotating Disc which reflects a sparkling wash of light across a venue creating a similar effect to a disco ball, to increase or decrease the amout of light spead across a venue the JNR Fascination can be adjusted to suit the appropriate angle a great choice for wedding functions.

Chauvet - 6 Spot

Chauvet 6 Spot is an all in one unit meaning less wires and less hastle, Fixing to a standard speaker stand the 6 spot has 5 different operating modes including Sound active using the units built in microphone the unit syncs its speed to music within its environment the 6 spot is great for creating good lighting effects for Live Entertainment or Disco's

Projector Panasonic PT-LM1E

Panasonic PT-LM1E


notepad 124

Soundcraft Note Pad 124

8 channel Mixer

Allen & heath2

Allen & Heath

ZED 24 Mixer

Chauvet 6 spot example Chauvet 6 spot example2 Chauvet 6 spot JNR Facsination Lighting







£7:50 (each)

£7.50 (each)



£6.20 (each)

£4.50 (each)


£15 (each)








All Cables .£1.15 (each)

50p (each)

Poineer CDJ350



Prices  in   Bristol

Loyalty Scheme 3 Soundcraft Mixer MFX12


Soundcraft MFXi  

14 channel Mixer


Pioneer 750

The Pioneer CDJ 350 is compatible for multi music digital media formats including Mp3 Wav, and CD plus Laptops can be connected to enable Softaware interaction, Pitch Lock function allows speed adjustment of music without changing the pitch itself plus includes fader start and loop functions also

The Pioneer Mixer DJM-750- K can incorporate music media from digital to

traditional vinyl and can also incorperate Audio signals from a Laptop.

like most proffesional DJ Mixers the 750-K is equipt to adapt to the DJ enviroment so users can choose how they want to use the crossfader or not at all. Standard individual Cue Buttons per channel 3 band eq and trim along with beat effects

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8 channel Mixer 4 XLR Inputs / 4 Line Inputs

4 Stereo 1/4 Jack Inputs 2 Monitor Sends

3 Band EQ 1/4 Jack Master Out Basic Mixer for

Small permorances or on Stage Monitoring

12 XLR Inputs/ 14 Line Inputs, 2 Stereo

1/4 Jack Inputs, 2 Sub Groups, 1 FX Channel 2 Aux outputs 4 Band EQ good live mixer for meduim scale events

24 chanel mixer 2 Aux Sends  4 Band EQ with High Pass Filter good for the Larger Performances