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If you have decided to hire a DJ for your big day, congratulations, you have already relieved yourself of a lot of stress trying to do the music yourself. You're also going to have an amazing party because music is at the heart of all great events. The wrong music can truly bring the event down a tone or two, and when you have put so much effort into an important event, that would be an absolutely huge blow. Particularly because you don't get those memories back. Getting married, turning 16, celebrating a family reunion ­ these are all memories you cannot redo, so if one of the biggest elements of the event is wrong, it can have disastrous consequences.


With this in mind, you've done a great thing choosing to hire a professional DJ for your event. Now all you need to do is find the right company! Don't worry, it will take a little time and research but there's so much choice , you will find the right DJ hire company in Bristol for you. Here are just a few questions to ask companies you are interested in:


What Sort Of Vibe Are You Well Known For?


Every DJ should be able to play a wide variety of music, but DJ’s will generally have specific areas of expertise. Some may be well known for rock music, others for songs from the past. If a DJ is used to playing children's parties with a few well known chart hits, they may not be the best DJ for your elegant evening wedding event.

If your event has a wide age range then you will want you’re DJ to cater for everyone there is nothing better than seeing you’re grandparents dance because your DJ has played the right music for them, some DJ’s will have a tendency to play a certain style but a good DJ can take a broad selection of musical genres and make the two different styles compliment one another.


Is There Any Way To See Your Work Live?


You might be able to pop in to a wedding to see your DJ work live, or you may have even been to a wedding where they were playing, which would be ideal. Alternatively you could ask for videos of their events so you can get an idea for their style. They should want to show you how happy their customers are when they play.


How Would You Work Our Reception Space To Make The Music Sound Great? 


The right company will want all the details of your reception space so they can understand the best acoustics so they can make the music sound great. They should be able to talk to you about the space and how their equipment and setup will work with it.


Can You Play Songs That Are Special To Us?


Don't just assume any DJ will have any or every song. If you have specific religious songs, pop songs, or slow songs you know you want playing, ask about them. Send your DJ a list of song that you definitely want played and equally a list of songs you don’t want played and possibly times for when to play them which might be applicable for a Surprise Birthday Party Song or for a first Dance at a Wedding.


Who Will Be There On The Day?


It is important you meet everyone that will be there on your special day. You need to feel assured that you will be looked after properly and that any last minute changes can be dealt with smoothly.A good company will ask you questions to make sure they have all the information they need to make your day the best it can be, right from the time you book to the very end.  


How Can The DJ’s Equipment Adapt To Fit into Your Theme?


If you have put lots of effort into a specific theme for your event you might want to check that the equipment that the DJ brings will not clash or spoil your theme. These days DJ’ equipment is not huge and heavy but speakers and protective cases still are very big consider how they can be hidden a lot of DJ’s have tablecloths to hide cases which can suit a wedding or a Birthday party, and speakers could be decorated perhaps with ribbon for a wedding.  


How Modern Is Your Equipment?


You want the best value for money, and that involves having a DJ with the best equipment. If a DJ doesn't have modern equipment you may not get the best sound. Ask about their equipment and they are likely to be proud of any new and technical equipment they have.


These are just a few suggested questions you can consider if you are thinking about DJ hire in Bristol Your priority should be asking them lots of questions and taking your time making the right choice ­ this is an important decision and one that will have a huge influence on your party, make sure you pick the right company.

DJ Hire In Bristol - ­Finding The Right Company For Your Big Day