Whether you are organising a huge 60th birthday party, a sweet 16, bat mitzvah or a wedding reception, there is one thing that shapes the atmosphere - music. Music shapes the way we experience different events and can make the difference between an amazing, memorable event, and a pretty dismal one, despite everyone's best intentions. And it can't just be any music either, it should be high quality music that sets the right tone. The right music has to be discussed, considered and put together to create the ultimate soundtrack for the event.

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Finally there is a blog for AFO Audio Hire here we will post information on new products services and offer advice on What  might the best options equipment wise for your events based on your specific circumstances and things to consider when organising events which are important from a technical perspective to keep your event running smoothly.


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Choosing a PA company in Bristol can be a really difficult task. There are so many good, indifferent and bad ones to choose from, but who is right for the job? Who will provide you with excellent customer service, competitive prices and fantastic equipment? How can you tell if they will set up the equipment correctly? Turn up on time? Create the right mood? Fulfil your practical requirements?

If you have decided to hire a DJ for your big day, congratulations, you have already relieved yourself of a lot of stress trying to do the music yourself. You're also going to have an amazing party because music is at the heart of all great events. The wrong music can truly bring the event down a tone or two, and when you have put so much effort into an important event, that would be an absolutely huge blow. Particularly because you don't get those memories back. Getting married, turning 16, celebrating a family reunion ­ these are all memories you cannot redo, so if one of the biggest elements of the event is wrong, it can have disastrous consequences.


When you hire a PA system for an Informal event, the process is clear ­ you research, pick the best one, and then if you have chosen the right one, they turn up on the day and do an amazing job. However, when it comes to hiring a PA company for a business event, the process is slightly different…



If you are planning an event in the Bristol area that requires some seriously good music, then hiring a sound or audio engineer is a perfectly sensible move to make sure that the event is setup correctly. From a large wedding through to a festival or music event for thousands of people, making sure that the performers can be heard and sound amazing is vital, else you could end up having a lot of unhappy people and a lot of unhappy artists as well.


So, here are our key reasons why hiring a sound or audio engineer in Bristol really does make perfect sense for your next event.


AFO Audio Held a Charity Live Music  Fundraiser event on August 10th in Aid of the Epilepsy Society,


Three Acoustic acts Played Which played a mix of old and new cover as well as originals each having a different style unique to them and two bands from contrasting genres that were as equally energetic to one another but felt completely different.